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Ottawa is a wonderful city to live in, covering more than 2,500 kilometers. As the capital of Canada, Ottawa is home to a series of shopping and dining experiences in a metropolitan landscape. Just outside the city is an outdoorsman's paradise - a vast landscape of canals, lakes and rivers, as well as miles of hills and valleys that residents and visitors can explore. However, plenty of pests also explore this landscape. In their explorations, they may encounter your home and make themselves comfortable. This is where Abell Pest Control Ottawa can step in.

Ottawa's weather is constantly changing - it's known for hot, humid summers and frigid winters. With the drastic weather come pests that seek refuge inside your walls. Mice love to burrow inside rural and suburban homes in cold weather. They’ll chew through wires and insulation to make a nest for themselves. Mice will aim for the kitchen, foraging for food and contaminating everything they encounter. Bed bugs also are contaminants, mainly of densely populated residences such as apartment complexes. These pests quickly infest their new home, using people, suitcases and wall pipes to travel.

Carpenter ants are a little smarter. They'll come into your home before it gets cold to settle down and wait until spring and summer. They create nests by chewing through wood in the home to make pathways. These bugs are the masters of disguise. Only a few will come out at a time, making it hard for homeowners to notice a problem. Carpenter ants don't discriminate - they can be found in apartments, residential homes, even public places.

But those are not the only pests we cover. For a full list of pests and more information please visit our Pest Inventory Page.

Why should you hire a pest control company?

Ant control and other pests can't be taken care of on your own. Though you may have found a do-it-yourself solution online, depending on the level of infestation and the kind of pest, it might not work. Pests can be sneakier than you think - many at-home methods are only a temporary fix and not tailor to your needs. Call a professional at Abell Pest Control Ottawa to take care of the problem - the right way.

Why Abell Pest Control Ottawa?

Abell's licensed and insured technicians know what they're doing. They're consistently trained and audited by the Quality Assurance Team to confirm they're using the latest technologies and techniques in pest control management.

Call for a free quote and proper pest extermination or your money back guaranteed.

At Abell Pest Control Ottawa, we’ve got you covered.

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"A few months ago, I switched my pest control services to Abell and I have been extremely satisfied with the service your company provides."
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Abell Provides staff training from bedbugs to commercial kitchens.

Preventative Pest Control Training Programs for Commercial/Industrial kitchens. Bed bug control, CleanSAFE kitchen. From management to front line.

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