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Abell Provides staff training from bedbugs to commercial kitchens.

Preventative Pest Control Training Programs for Commercial/Industrial kitchens. Bed bug control, CleanSAFE kitchen. From management to front line.

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Flies and Flying Insects

Besides the obvious customer perception created by flies, they can also spread bacteria and disease while traveling back and forth from unsanitary conditions. The most common of these include blow flies, bottle flies and house flies.

Wasps can also be a hazard and nuisance to you and your customers. These can especially be a hazard around garbage bins, cans and areas where people eat regularly outdoors.

Your Abell Pest Control Program is a smart, effective way to reduce your risk and limit the hazard created by flies. This preventative program specifically targets areas where flies are most likely to be active; often relying on multiple approaches.

Your program includes an effective and well documented solution to your fly problems. Focus is placed on:

  1. Eliminating existing fly populations as quickly as possible
  2. Identifying the underlying source or sources of the problem including structural and/or sanitation issues that encourage pest activity
  3. Help you create internal programs that will provide a consistent long-term solution.

Your Custom Program

Your Abell Technician will assess your business and develop a custom program to reduce flies both inside and outside your building, depending on your needs. At the same time if wasps are problems, especially around garbage bins, control for these can be added to the program.

Exterior Treatment

Flies breed outdoors before flying inside. Exterior treatment of flies is the most effective way to prevent them from coming inside, including treating:

  • Dumpster, dumpster corral & floor area
  • Back Doors, including ground areas
  • Drive through window area

New Indoor Spot Treatment

For use to control large flies indoors, this lure contains a multi-species attractant to lure flies and catch them. Non-toxic and safe for indoor use, it is specially effective at reducing existing fly problems.

Dumpster Area Fly and Wasp Traps

Disposable fly bag traps are ideal for eliminating flies at their source. They contain a specially formulated lure to attract a broad range of flies. It is long-lasting and will catch hundreds of flies.

Commercial Fly Light Products

Fly Lights attract flying insects by shining ultra violet light. Ultra violet light is invisible to humans but no to flies, who are extremely partial to it and tend to eagerly fly towards it. Some fly lights are electrocuters and have electric grids that kill the fly instantly. Others have glue boards on which the fly is trapped providing safe capture in food sensitive areas.

These traps use ultraviolet light to attract adult flies inside where they are captured by glue boards. The insect fly lights are maintained regularly by Abell's technicians and provide a safe, effective way to control adult fly populations. Ultraviolet bulbs are replaced annualy.

Our Technicians know exactly which fly light is right for your business. They will determine the right place and manner in which to locate it for maximum control, and install it for you. Our maintenance programs ensure your fly lights are always working. We check and clean them regularly, replacing glue boards as needed and light bulbs annually.

FREE Training

Get Abell's free training for keeping your restaurant or industrial kitchen free of small flies or pests. For mor information visit us at: www.cleansafekitchen.ca

CleanSAFE Kitchen - Training

Preventative Pest Control Training for the Canadian Industry

This program is designed to help both management and front line staff understand the key areas where sanitation issues can cause pest activity. Having your staff follow this program will help to reduce the chances of having pest issues.

Training topics include:

Managing a CleanSAFE kitchen

  • Identifying hot spots
  • Organizing the team
  • Maintaining a Cleaning Plan
  • Assigning the tasks

CleanSAFE Procedures

  • Equipment
  • Drainage
  • Floors
  • Storage and Prep areas
  • Garbage disposal
  • Structural Maintenance Awareness

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